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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Anyone who insists on not saying holy things before Ezra's baptism can ask to be taken out with the blessing of Hampil

Ya'oi' in the 20th century, B. Mo., as well as in Bihal C. Net, S.D., who brought an opinion that it is not possible to give blessings such as those from others, and if we consider his prohibition to bless alone and consider it as one who is not proficient in MM, there are stricters who also do not I know AA to go out with these blessings in less than ten, and from the simpler opinion in the judges that apart from certain blessings (such as the food blessing and Kash blessings and more) it is also possible to go out in less than ten, and I. in the explanation of the Gra there, and therefore AA to say that it is obligatory To be strict with this instead of a great need (and according to the report of Rav Pelim 44 39 and Det Nota p. Katsav regarding things that made it easier for those who observe the baptism of Ezra) and doubt blessings.

And it is better not to make it a point to say a blessing in this way before Ezra's baptism, and to bless himself and leave the obligation of all opinions, since KIL says that there is no prohibition in the matter of saying things that are holy before Ezra's baptism, and in any case it is not advisable to be strict about a matter in which there is no more prohibition than speaking which has a ban on it.

And it must be added that it is not simple that before the cancellation of Ezra's rule, it was permissible to issue blessings from others that are not permitted to be blessed by oneself, and Yayoi' in the types of blessings on page 27 and Rabbi Hasda said, "Reflection is not like a bee's blood, clear your mind, reflection is like a bee's blood, he will utter with his lips, etc., and according to the calculation there apparently the "E. If hearing was as speaking, hearing was also prohibited, and most of all according to the opinion of the majority of the arbitrators who hears as an answer and reflection, not as speaking.

Also later on in the Gm, there is a page 11, and there is a prayer that the public is busy with, etc. Has it not started, will it not start?

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