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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

When a person wants to litigate in another court of law in a place where he is not entitled to choose the court of law, do they issue a writ of refusal against him, etc. What kind of writ is issued against him if it is appropriate or a permit to hear in absentia or also a court permit

A. B. B. Kib. A. B. and in Tos. there, and in fact the Rama'a ruled in C. 10 that they accept testimony not before the B.A.D. in a way that does not come to the B.A.D. Not that the Idna Dharma according to his method yd, 1, vei' in my uncle's article that I mentioned in the answer next to what brought a lot of mm in you Dina Dharma Sd Dhaidna does not belong to the argument please to the great B.D. , ACP Meiri also in such a way that there is a permanent B.D. in the ways explained in the answer next to him that he cannot assert a zabla, or in a way that asserts a claim that is not acceptable according to law, as the defendant claims who wants to discuss his city when the plaintiff is his father, according to what will be explained next, And in any case it is possible to receive testimony without his presence, but regarding the letter of refusal of courts, I have not looked into this matter properly now, but it is strange to me to allow courts in such a way, a sham is better than such a court.
But in the matter of excommunication there is reason to say that they should be written, since he does not come to the Bedouin, who is obliged to come there according to the current situation and according to what is clear from his own claims which are not true, and I. in Rama 3. hand 33.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2592

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