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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Those who practice during prayer who make sure that only the beginning of the prayer is during prayer, is it beneficial even if only the beginning of the Kash blessings are during prayer


Sources: First of all, the very matter that the blessings of the Kash, as a ban on the matter of the time of their saying, is not agreed upon by the Rambam, the Farah, and the Shekhani, and it is renewed and does not have an explicit source in the Gm, and also many practice not to fear it, Afi' to the material, (and there is to discuss whether there is a customary fence in this), and in the explanation of the halacha [end of Noah] that it is possible that rape should be made easier in retrospect, and in my adjacent answer that belongs to it, and therefore to rely on it to my voice after the custom not to be afraid of it is very narrow, in particular that there is a combination of B here Voices, we were also the Kola Dazli' at the beginning, and so most sides to the material, and we were that even if it is customary to ease the beginning of the prayer from above, which in the Torah is certain, we have not heard it yet, except in the way that there are two opinions in Darbanan, so the writers followed the stick [ibid. 7], but in the SS most of the parties to the material from the Nal also make it clear, apart from that for the matter it started with ten and left some of them that it is permissible to finish what they are holding, it is explained in the Halacha that in this matter prayer does not belong to the blessings of Kash, if the blessings of Kash define their time It is like a prayer, but not that they are part of an order that for this purpose began with the blessings of Kash at ten so that he could pray without going to the ten, and that the Lord's Prayer in the matter of prayer time is considered to be a part of the Molikin ZMSZ.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2427

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