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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Are women obligated to a hundred blessings and can they complete with words of praise

The arbitrators differed on whether or not women are obligated to perform a hundred blessings or not (see in the commentaries and additions as well as in the comments of Eliba Delakhta C. Mo. on the multiple Mishnav Skid 4 that were brought together in both of them from the Gershaza and the Manchash and the Grisha and the Gerhak and more), And the GAM's eloquence in the offerings of Mag EB that women are legally obligated to the dawn blessings not to smoke a Gentile and a slave, and I don't know if it can be said that there is a custom in that women are not careful, because there are also many men who are not careful and there are also righteous women who used to be careful.

And as for whether you can complete with a kind of praise according to what I explained in the adjacent answer, which is not clear, there is a clear source for this that is disposed of by words of praise, and for Damilta's well-being, it is always good.

And as for women who are busy with children and cannot say a hundred blessings except at the expense of raising the children, it is certainly not more serious than the prayer taken by some judges that the main part of the law is exempted in this way.

I'll just point out that the body of the Maharil's words regarding the completion of K. Baruchot with the words of praise, 11. If we find that we do not buy women, there is no such thing as us, and if so, perhaps evidence should be brought from the fact that they are not obligated, but the evidence should be rejected from there that we did not buy except for the welfare of the people who are enlisted in the Bahkans It is possible.

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