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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Will a woman receive a salary as a man for the mitzvah of doing that the time of the grama that she fulfills

You will receive a salary, but not as a man, since she is not a mitzvah and does it, and the arbitrators recall the definition of a woman who is not a mitzvah and does it (and they learned from this the laws regarding the issue of tallit shaola Ya'oi' in the 20th century), and in any case, you will receive a lesser salary for one who does the commandment and does it than one who does not do a mitzvah and does it worthwhile' in PK Dakidushin , and despite the fact that the volunteer in the charity of the heart has superiority over the obligee on the other hand, as I explained in the adjacent answer, MM revealed to us in the GM that the total that includes the mitzvah and does is better because of the reason explained in the Toss in Kiddoshin there and I brought in the adjacent answer.

And we must add to this the idea of the Toss in the 3rd chapter that the reason that the mitzvah and doer is great is because he always takes care to cancel his desire and fulfill the commandments of his creator, and the matter is consistency and adherence to the word, and in any case, in the case of women in the Bible, the time has caused it, since there is no sahidi And those who are strict as people, such as in D species, they do not possess D species for themselves, and they are not strict in eating first, and they are not strict in taking Bahlel, and it is possible that they will not impose a large loss or a great duhq instead, but in any case, this is the definition of not doing a mitzvah and doing one whose reward is less than that of a mitzvah and doing it, that the commandment and doing it We will be much more careful about this.

And it should be noted according to the Ma'airi in the Book of Lakh 11 that a person who forfeited himself and dismantled the world of Torah from himself but who fulfills a mitzvah on the part of alms does not receive a reward anymore as a mitzvah and does but as one who does not command and does it, and his words I will compare between Kahatos' Dekiddoshin and between Kahatos' Bez, And check, and the OT for women in the matter of MA who are not obligated if they sometimes observe the Torah of alms which they judge as not mitzvot and do, and simply.

(And it should be noted that there are some rishonim who wrote in a manner somewhat similar to the words of the Tos in Kiddoshin, which is from the side of the mitzvah that he accepts or from the side that the Yitzhar fights against when he does the mitzvah and does it (and we were what Korin pressed, and this should be extended in the Pana in the Pelagutat of the Ancients if the Yitzhar is an angel or desire, but in these words of the first people, it can also be interpreted as the opinion of the rabbis that it is their will and intention that creates pressure), and I. in the words of Yaakov in the Book of Revelation 16, which brought the opinions of the first people in this and not doubling the words here).

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