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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A pot is assigned the term that was forgotten on the cup of the Kiddush, how will he be able to take the cup out of there on Shabbat

According to the Mishnav, he will take a tool such as a kitchen knife and use it to deflect the muksha, or he will deflect it with his body, and then he will be able to take the thing of the other that is below, and he can shake the utensil with his body and he will only be able to suck and drag out the cup of kiddush without Shake the upper pot directly.

Sources: Mishnab Shah Sek Keto according to S.A. C. Shea Sah, and the second balance in C. Shea there, and this is the opinion of the majority of the arbitrators according to the Mishnab regarding the shaking of his body which are the Nakh of the Shea and the majority of the arbitrators of our time , and the Hazo'a disagrees with the first permit in the U.H. Maz Yad, and with the second permit, disagrees there 13, see there and there in the commentary in question.
And what the Chazu'a said in Kilipoth 11 because of a graph of Rei [see and on Shabbat 24] 11 which is a way of Kanih and a kind of shaking [Hot 2 PG PS 2].

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2269

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