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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it allowed in Israel to wear torn clothes that have been washed?



In honor of Rabbi Moshkowitz Shalita of Kollel Chazu'a

Regarding the question of whether it is permissible in Israel to wear a torn garment that has been washed, and I replied that the arbitrators have closed, we have not heard a permit on the matter, and we are not in a position to renew a new permit that is not mentioned in the arbitrators.

And there is another evidence to be brought from the parable of the end of Tanit [9th 12b] Damri' Devtali Katzri Debi Rav, which simply means that there is no permit in any garment.

And since wearing a laundered garment and laundered clothing has been ruled out, this garment is also allegedly forbidden to be laundered.

And Yaoi' in PG Damok [Tu 11a] Damri' in a leper dabgadyo kro'in and apart from this amari' damzra is forbidden in takbusat and we were aa'g dabgadyo kroin.

Furthermore, it should be noted from Damari' regarding the matter of mourning 27 33 [Mok 24 11, 24 14, 24 14] his father and mother every seven days is not allowed to change and go out in untorn clothing, and if he changes he must tear it again, and However, one who walks in a torn garment is forbidden to wash it, and it is forbidden to wash it after washing, because the prohibition of washing is not only stated in the case of other dead people (who are not his father and mother) and in the way that the torn garment was replaced.

And in the body of the matter, is there any virtue in torn clothing? Indeed, there is something to be said, apparently, there is no virtue in it, i.e. in Mok 20b the one who goes out in torn clothes, etc. It is also visible to humans, and in the text at the end of Paa.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 3801 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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