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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A thing that does not have the theory of a tool for the purpose of use but is only made for an ornamental purpose whether it is assigned or not

Here is the author's opinion regarding a game ball that is considered to have no definite use, but it seems that the use of honor is an important use, in many places it is mentioned that a person uses a thing to be seen in it, and R. Yochanan Keri Lamania respects it, and also the lighting of a candle in the Yot in the arbiters remembers that the issue in our time is honor And importance, so it seems that there is a use from the side of honor and importance, and also every matter of jewelry is a use of honor, and a piece of jewelry is explained in several places that it is allowed to be shaken (everything that is not allocated due to lack of pocket), and we found that there is a piece of jewelry for a person and a piece of jewelry for the home, and such a thing is a piece of jewelry for the home.

And I checked and saw in the book and on Shabbat p. 10 that he brought in the name of the Book of the Covenant of the World 50 from the 7th section that ornamental use is not considered use at all, but he brought there, all the latter shared 17, the praise to David C. of his SKO, and the Garam Feinstein and the Gershza, and mentioned a name for the tribe of Levi 13 C. Lev.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 6941 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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