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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A dish seasoned with the spice of Katnit, what was discussed on Passover regarding the Ashkenaz

The convict woke up regarding a pea sweetener for cola that was kosher and they refused to give him kosher for Pesach because of this.
And there was a reason to allow it because a mixture of legumes is permitted as a mash in the Rama'a Och Thang A, and so even though the rest of the Tama prohibitions do not include a Til Efi' in a thousand as explained in Shoa Yod 4 and Shoa Shoah there, Mm after all there was no They aggravated its mixture as a prohibition, so there was reason to argue, MM it seems that it is not permissible, because even in Damai we mention in the PK Dholin that they did not rule on its mixture, that the Sages did not say to make it worse, but to make it easier, since the majority of the A.D. masherin kamash in There is no doubt here, and yet it is explained in Khulin there that they forbade a mixture of damai if it is a David spice for taste, so if we want to allow a minor mixture in such a way, to what din a mixture is similar to it, even if it seems to be a permitted mixture of damai After all, in a mixture of Damai, a spice is forbidden.
And again I found that the latter disagreed on this and the Nsma Passover Oth Lev took according to the words of Demidi David the taste is forbidden even in the catanit and the house of Yitzchak part 17 DSL that they did not practice at all but only in the body of the catanit and he did not add a leaf, and called out that it is easier to carry a catanit to himself and taste Katnit and YL Demserf in this the opinions that taste is not the main point of Daoriyata and since it is easier anyway, the House of Yitzchak believes that they did not accept meng instead of this combination.

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