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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Should one bless separately for coffee that is drunk at the end of the meal?

The custom of making it easier and in the latter is remembered that it is right to bless something else that is everything and today it may be easier.

Sources: The latter differed on this, some obliged with a blessing [Answer from Rabbi HaCohen in the Garden of Roses, Part Och, Rule 2, C. A. Shem Skalat] and there are those who dispensed with a blessing [Shut Batei Kahonah HC 31, brought by Aharon C. Kad Mahdura Batra SKA5], and there are those who divided between coffee and tea and dispensed ACP with coffee [see Aru C. Kaed Skat], and in fact the Mishnav wrote about coffee, that it is true that he should bless everything to exempt the coffee [and the Mishka there to bless sugar. or candy that is not part of the coffee].

And anyway, today the situation is simpler with coffee, because while in the past coffee was a unique drink that was like a dessert or, as the HI says, for digesting food, today coffee is used by many as a normal drink and some people drink coffee most of the time of the day even more than other drinks, and of course it is very common to drink coffee as well When you're thirsty, it's what it is, and as some of the arbitrators of our time wrote that the coffee law changed from the time of the Mishnab to our time regarding drinking it before prayer, since during the Mishnab it was a proud custom to drink coffee before prayer and today it is less in the material of the law than it was at the time of the Mishnab , as such it is possible to say here as well.

And also the custom in our time that there is no blessing over coffee at the end of the meal as brought by the Ka'ah [Si Kad Skm], but that there it is better to bless that everything is over another food.

And from the point of view also the sentence that the Mishnab brought from the Haiya is only about coffee after the end of the meal, but the coffee in the middle of the meal does not mean that the Mishnab made it worse since Afi' Bain drank a bitter drink from coffee as explained there he mentioned that the world used to make it easy not to be afraid of it and they have What to rely on, 24 regarding the matter of the coffee 24 of the Mishnav that the words of the Hai'a are not obligatory in this Efi' at the end of a meal.

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