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B. K. Sa. A. This is how I accept all the morals, etc. They do not say a word of Torah on his behalf, and it is difficult since he commanded them to go and take risks


The language of King David begins with the word who in our Hebrew is known as I ask you that one of you will go and drink water, etc., although when we look at the Aramaic letter, the meaning of the letter "mi" means something that is avoided, such as who you thought, etc. And in a similar usage, we also find in some readings that used the language of who to express something that is forbidden, such as who knows the strength of your spirit (Psalms 36:11) and who knows the wise man will be, etc. For many others, the so-called question language is nothing more than a matter of prevention and the absence of reality.

And it must be interpreted with the taste of what God simply says in the interpretation of "Who will draw water" in this way, since this is how it is explained at the end of the things and he attributes them to God, who did not say their names, and it does not appear that He sent them.

And it should also be added that it does not appear that what David meant when he said "Whosoever will draw water" is for them to go and water him, it is the way of a king to reveal his opinion in this way but to command and command, and from what he said in this language, he did not mean that they should go and water him but as above.

And it must also be said that the GAM must interpret it as such, since it does not appear that David asked that for the sake of his studies and his Torah they risk being monitored, since according to Halacha one should not risk for the sake of clarifying Halacha or Din, and this is what David meant by what he said, who is my old man in the above manner.

BK Set AB Gabi Measer AAG Dammon is high, etc. Gabi Kerem Rabi AAG Dla Mamon Didia is, etc., and why did the language change between Mesher and Karam Rabai?


There was a place to say Dashigra Dalishna in the Alma is because of the issues of Dobpaschim and in the Sukkah on the tithing of a high amount of money is to Rabbi Meir, but from the change of the language pedia and profanity it seems that there really is a different definition in the tithe which is a definition of holiness and in Karam Rabi which is a definition of prohibition, and most of all remember about the tithe of the language pedia which was taken from another authority , and on the back of the tongue, blasphemy is mentioned, and it is easy to understand.

And M.M. in the question 22 about the language of the variable in the Gm, I would suggest to Katar to look at manuscripts and books that I have collected, such as the book grammars of Maharrab Neta Rabinovitz and the complete grammars of writers, as well as the Friedberg project.

BK AA AA, why is the word Emeri mentioned several times in the subject


It is known that there were many Amorites from the order of the Gam' after it was written, and therefore there are tractates and issues that are written in the special language, like the first ones regarding tractates, and also 20 a few other first ones on a number of vows whose language is different, and also 20 on a number of a monk, and the things are known, and I. In the order of Kabbalah for the Harabad, it took many years for Rabbi Ashi's students to get the Gam' in order, and it is known that some of the issues of the first 20 are from Rabbi Saburai and Achmal.

BK AA AB, and I did not say to you in the Orta, I ate in Shara Datorah, and the verse there (DA DLA) wrote that it was Rui in the fast.

Why don't they interpret it literally?


A. in Shovat Shlomat Chaim Yod Sacha who had a hard time with this, and T. Shem Dakhion Daran was married to Debi Nashirah A.K. He must have had meat every day, and in Shovat Aterat Paz HA volume 3 set "7 20 Yes and he further added that this is what was difficult Gach Rashi that Gach did not interpret as simply, and A. Yahbetz who expanded on it.

And perhaps it should be said in another way that Rabbi Nachman believed that he had an educational benefit in the Torah, of course, that G-d would let him eat it, and as Ihu Gofia said about wine in Erobin, 1900, before he repeated his words that he would like to drink wine first, so that it would be reserved for him, 17 Da'ta Tsiluta, A.S. (and A.A. in the words of his rabbi in the Bible on the issue of wine), and A.C. the reason he did not eat meat even though he thought it was good to eat it was because he was fasting.

Because of Sumachus, they said that they pay double payments and he pays three times for a month and two years for a ram, why didn't Shar and Sheh take a lickshana dekra.


The answer to this is clear, that since it is about payments of two years and three years, they took the Ishaq that speaks of two years and three, which is the written two tithes for a cow and two tithes for a ram, and they took a silent sign of Damanchot just as we found that they took a silent word that is similar to it in many places, the Ishak regarding theft payments that speaks About four past five does not belong here because there is no four past five here.

מגילה יב ע"ב

מה שהקשה רבי צבי אליהו שטינברג [רו"כ יששכר באהליך ב"ב] במ"ש במגילה י"ב ב', ויאמר המלך לחכמים מאן חכמים רבנן ידעי העתים שיודעין לעבר שנים ולקבוע חדשים אמר להו דיינוה לי אמרו היכי נעביד נימא ליה קטלה למחר פסיק ליה חמריה ובעי לה מינן נימא ליה שבקה קא מזלזלה במלכותא אמרו לו מיום שחרב בית המקדש וגלינו מארצנו ניטלה עצה ממנו ואין אנו יודעין לדון דיני נפשות זיל לגבי עמון ומואב דיתבי בדוכתייהו כחמרא דיתיב על דורדייה ע"כ.

ולכאורה הסנהדרין הוו מצו למימר לאחשורוש דאין דנין ד"נ בשבת, וממילא היו נפטרין מלדון דין זה.

תשובה הנה ע"ז מצי אחשורוש למימר להו שמחוייבים לדון כן מחמת מצות המלך ופקו"נ [כדקי"ל שיש חילוק בין מלך ישראל למלך גוי לגבי הפסקה בק"ש], משא"כ כשאמרו לו שאינן יודעין עי"ז ניצלו לגמרי.

עוי"ל דמה שאין דנין בשבת הוא רק בצורת דין תורה, משא"כ הכא יתכן שלא היה אלא בקשת חוו"ד.

ותי' ראשון נראה טפי.

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