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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

An empty pot that is allocated on Shabbat will it be useful to put food in it

This could be problematic.

Sources: The question is divided into two parts, can food that has not been cooked in a vessel be permitted, and does the food need to be in the vessel between the panes, regarding the first question, see the second thread (HG Mo Skav) which is stricter, and regarding the second question, p. B. and on Shabbat P. happy that K. Sabra and Mm to make worse and later 20 Sabra and Mm to make easy and accurate from L. Mishnab Shah Skako 6 to make easy and I'ash more discussion on this.

And the body of the words of the Mishnab may be interpreted to make its language stricter, and 27 [that is, a law as a cradle or a baby] precisely if he assumes, etc., which is not peculiar to her to say in the past tense] there is something peculiar to her such as etc. Akal.

And it is accurate to say that everything he puts down is as something that is not special to her, the condition is that it is already put down from the beginning of the data, the most there is no connection between it being cooked, and the most finished with his language "that is placed in the cauldron a little of the stew" we mean from the stew known in HA the knowledge is that which was already placed in the cauldron and cooked in it And God needs a cauldron.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2267

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