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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A seller of sugar hairs (Yambambam) from kosher sugar that is cooked in a rented machine, is it possible to buy from him

Yeavi' in Yod C. Kakab sv that it's just dishes, but in hindsight, if he cooked the food in it, it's permissible because just dishes are not born of a day, mm. It's forbidden to say to a Gentile, I cooked vegetables in your pot, and in the beginning of the answer there, the SKA added in the name of the clothing that survived in my innovations Laws according to Rabbi C. Noah Shafi' if the Gentile does it himself for the needs of Israel or for the needs of the people of the city, the majority of whom are Israelis, it is possible to desecrate, and in this way it should also be discussed regarding the use of a vessel that is not dipped if there is such a concern, that the renter is obliged to dip, since the renter of eating utensils from his possessions is obliged to dip As explained in C. K. K. S. H. and in Tos. 17. A. A. B. D. E. Abel, and even though in hindsight the food is not prohibited as in the RMA at the end of the above C. MM, a model must be discussed with regard to the buyer who considered the buyer initially in this way The aforementioned survived on the way of the Bushi.

And what the Shu'a discussed there regarding art tools of Yao'ish there in his words that what is being discussed does not pertain to hired tools that pass from hand to hand but to the special tool for the craftsman of Yao'ish and KL.

And since sugar is generally kosher, there are various substances involved in the sugar industry that are not kosher, such as food coloring.

And the Shu'a there are 60 pieces of wisdom that stayed in a Gentile's house, and there is a concern that the Dihan in the soup with his own utensils may have Gentile utensils in them, and for our purposes we don't know where he rented the device from, and there are many renters who do not keep Tom, and there are renters who drink "But they are probably renting for any reason, this should be discussed anyway.

And from the words of Rama C. K. K. K. K. S. A. Why in the jar and in the thing that you will use in the cold, do not fear the main part of the law because of this fear that it will be mixed with broth.

And regarding the fact that with regard to Marda there are in the rulings that took a retroactive consideration of mm in a sweet food for which there is no real need, there is no retroactive consideration. The HaTas took his glosses to the Shu'a, and the words of the New Testament were brought there in Pethai Tshuva SKD and by Ephraim.

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