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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

What is the ruling on the water of a small child's feet for the purpose of prayer and blessings near them

According to the law, the water of the feet of a small child is his excrement, and anyone who does not eat a mouthful of olives (and the definition of this is according to each of the judges according to his method), should not be kept away from the water of his feet.

And from Mm there is a side at the gate of the Zion [fa Ha] in a certain way that the scribes differed on its definition (that is, in a small one who can eat an olive but has never eaten) that it is possible that it should be eased as the lenient ones in this.

And there are those who wrote that the people of Spain will have to get stricter in this as well [Yehavi' in the 20th edition of the Eliba edition, what they wrote about it], but his words must be commented on, because it is possible to interpret the words of the Shu'a only for a small matter, it is a small matter A small one who is known not to have eaten, does not shoot it, the Shu'a Lahdia, and Ya'oi' in the language of the Mashnab, the name of the Skav.

And regarding your question, what is the definition of a small one who does not eat like an olive, a mouthful of olives will be answered in a separate answer.

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