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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it true that there is a preference not to go to the doctors and not to take the children even when necessary, out of faith and security

There is a high degree that a person avoids doctors according to the Ramban and the Gara, but it is only for an individual in the generation of Kamash on the 22nd of the Maharsha in the Ketuvoth, and in particular in matters of soul control, God forbid that people in our time follow this leadership, and in the GM they said that According to the Pikon, it is not done by the small ones, etc., but by the gadu'i and the quick, the excellent rabbi, and even those of a high degree, it is possible that we are not talking about controlling a soul that does not belong to man to cancel the commandment of a soul that I gave to the animal, and even more so on a weekday that it is obligatory to take responsibility when necessary , and even if he does not own the health of his children to pray for their salvation, and also the treatment of his wife is one of the obligations of the book, and the same is the case with the one who has the possibility to save one of Israel with medicine and does not save a child for not standing on the blood of his neighbor.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 1570

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