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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

I dreamed that the hairs of my head fell out in a dream, what does this mean (a question that reached the system)

It is a good sign for the disposal of debts.

Sources: I. Barchot Nu PB that some solutions were given there for the good about limbs that fell off (and the dream there was righteous), but hair is not mentioned there, but it is mentioned below in the GM that shaving one's head in a dream is a good sign and his head and beard is also a good sign for his family, and even if there is To reject Dagiloh is an ornamental way as in Parash'i there, and not a shedding, MM in Zohar p. Ba Ha'altach E. that the hair is from the side of the law and therefore the borrowers who are the measure of the law passed a razor, and also in Zohar p. , and for this reason, the dream must also be interpreted as the removal of the laws, and even though the Hazu'a ordered that dreams in our time do not have such a real meaning in them, a distinction must be made between a good dream and a bad dream, as Damari' in Barakatos Na abbas Shmuel ki hoh hazi halma bisha, etc. , see there, and therefore with a good dream he can solve it for the better, and likewise, for those who do not remember the dream, to refrain from saying Rabsha during the time of the Lord's Day, as explained, to predict a shirt, and there were some of the greatest generations who did not refrain from making a dream benefit whenever necessary, and therefore it is possible to accept the dream As a good thing, they will solve it in his mouth, because the main solution is in the mouth, as explained in the blessings there (and according to the saying that only those born with luck can solve it, but everything is not possible for Abedinan).

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2462

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