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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it permissible to rub oil on the hands on Shabbat in our time, even though it is not customary for the healthy today to rub oil, and what is the ruling if you want to rub a glove and put your hand in it

In a place where there is no healthy way to anoint oil, it is forbidden to anoint oil on Shabbat for the purpose of medicine (Rama' Och Shaqz 1), but it is permissible for a healthy person to anoint oil on Shabbat even today (HaGrashza in Shlohan Shlomo SKD).

And Yaoi' in the 20th century [forget] that at the end of a blow and a sech only for pleasure it is permissible to wipe on Shabbat even in our countries, and for the matter of wiping the hands so that they don't dry out 20 with a second thread to allow [H.D. P.P.T.

And here the question arose as to whether it is permissible to smear oil on the inside of a glove and put it on the hand, and it should be noted that we have found two things similar to the one that was allowed, one is what the Mishnab ruled [forget Ska'z] that it is permissible to smear oil outside of Mecca and drinking and it goes down to Mecca Afi' in our countries, and the other It is what is allowed to smear oil on oneself and to round the skin and so on in the shoe in the ways that it was stated that it is allowed to do so in the Shoa S.S., and the case here is parallel to the ways that are allowed there since processing does not belong here.

But in fact, there is no clear evidence from these two places to allow this, since there is, in fact, on his body that he is a malefactor and an inish slave, and that is not the way for most people in our countries to do so, MM does not appear to be a slave for medicine at all but for his own pleasure, but here there is no A general way of rubbing a glove is that a mother will be seen as someone who does something for pleasure, after all, why does it if not to put his hand in it.

However, AA's prohibition also means a clear prohibition, since here the very pin of the glove is not prohibited at all, since there is no processing in the glove, and there is also no prohibition to put the hand in, since it does not do anything by way of medicine, unless it is proven by putting the hand in that it is a way of medicine, and on the other hand, cheating is also not It is necessary to say that here it is necessary to allow ACP to Zorba Marbanan, since he cannot make any excuse for taking the gauntlet, and therefore YLA in fact in this.

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