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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it allowed to connect something to the charger on Shabbat when the charger is off with Shabbat time

Regarding the Shabbat clock to adjust its hands while it is not working, our arbiters of time were divided on the matter, and some have written that it is a relief instead of a very great need, but it is known that the Hazo'a made it strict about this and also made it strict about changing the state of the electric switch even when the electricity is not working, as well as removing a socket when the electricity is not working.

And there is a party in the name of the Chazoa who is Dauriita since he is building an electrical system here that will transmit electric circuits, and this is what the Gerish Elyashiv took in his opinion (Shabbot Yitzchak Grama 56 letter 1), and so did the OLC (C. Maz Skig3) in the opinion of the Hazo "1, and he also adopted the book Ma'orut Natan (electricity on Shabbat, p. 5 letter 7) in the opinion of the Chazoa, and 21 in the name of the Chazoa in Arhut Rabbino 61 p. Kamag, and I. Chazoa Och C. 6 "B.

And since there is a disagreement here among the arbitrators and there is a main side in many of the arbitrators (the above as well as in AGM Yod 13, 3, 4) which is the prohibition of Dauriita, we do not have the power to permit this in fact, and if it is a place of great need and like Tarr is looking for a voice in the matter I cannot take it upon myself to allow this, and in particular that the Hazoa, the Grisha, the AGM, and the Granak are stricter and many are against the Gersha.

And it should be noted that Gershza himself, in regard to the hours of the Shabbat clock, was not a peshita to lighten the law in any way, and he divided in Minchat Shlomo (Hasan 33 and Iash 1223, letter 3, letter 3) what should be said of the main part of the law between extending the time of its lighting and to shorten the time of lighting it, and in fact even when the keel was not keeled except for a great need (cf. Erhot Shabbat 13 Pachat, note 20).

And also for the Hareshza who permitted the order of the hands on the Shabbat clock as above, each case must be discussed on its own merits, and the limits of a thing whose work is prohibited or a thing whose work is both prohibited and permitted must also be discussed, and if it is considered necessary for its place.
And again, I saw that the Gershza makes it easier to remove the plug from the socket when the electricity is not working (I. S.S.C. 13, note 10, and I. Menchat Shlomo 11:3, letter 3, and 11:23, letter 3, letter 1) .

And what Kathar asked further according to the side that it is permissible to do it on Shabbat, what is the ruling on doing it for the purpose of hol, the answer is that anything that may be used on Shabbat with permission does not prohibit preparation for the purpose of hol, as we found with cups and bowls, and something that cannot be used on Shabbat with permission for any reason (which is not It will be possible to disconnect with a permit on Shabbat, but only on Mochash) In this there is a prohibition to prepare for Hol Afi' by shaking the Alma as Mosha Mishnav and Mochash by doing an act.

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