Frequently Asked Questions and Answers found in Halacha

Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is a woman allowed to wear permanent makeup?

The arbitrators of our time disagreed on this and I do not know that there is a clear agreement and decision on this, and in the name of the Gerish Elyashiv I saw a statement that it is forbidden to do so.

And from Mm it should be noted after studying this law that there is enough evidence to explain to the ear that even if there is a Mm prohibition in it according to some of the former, it is not a Dauriita prohibition but a Darbanan ban and afi' Teri Darbanan or Talat Darbanan, because there is no form of letters and there is no idolatry in it , and also it does not remain forever, and it will be in the answers of our times that extended on this matter.

And in the event that there is a special great need or the dignity of mankind as well as a sick place, some have ordered to make it easier according to the details of the matter and the case, and if there are special details in the question, he will make a wise question.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5447

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