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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Should one drive as the visible or flat heat hawk

The more visible hawk is better than the plain hawk, and if it is possible to do something between them see below.

Sources: I expanded on this in the answer in Am Segulah 6, and I further extended it in the answer printed in Am Segulah Part 5 (which is a letter that I published earlier in one of the files), and the summary of the things that are to be preferred today according to the plain view , for three reasons that we will not dwell on them here again, but will only call them by their names in order to clarify and simplify the issue in this regard, and they are:
A. That this is the case from the language of the Yerushalmi and Sages in raids, B. That this is the opinion of the absolute majority of the great teachers of our time, including the Chazoa, the Grisha, and the Garhak, and more as I have detailed in the above answers, and this is what it means in some of the latter, and C. yes even if there are Here is a doubt, consider that there is no better decision than one of them at the level of the doubt's weight. There is no prohibition, except that this is the main part of the Hanach prayer for the Pad. Some of the early ones [cited by Tos. Yoma 17] that the ancient custom is to recite Kash with the beginning of the Hanach and then a prayer.

And for more detail, see more in the above answers, as well as in the book of Gerash Devlatsky, as well as in the Halachots for the holiday of Shavuot.

And regarding the matter of acting as a Hanah, a middle ground between them, I.e. what I wrote in the above answers, the instruction of the Holy Grail Steinman ztzal in this regard and as a kind of custom in the Hanas for the Darman of the Garhak [that the main custom started when they could not direct the Hanah but also to the When they were able to direct the Hanah, they did not change the custom, and it may be because it is a middle ground between the flat Hanah and the visible Hanah], and the point is that there may even be meaning in some of the language of the judges [cit. ], which must be accurate at the time of the Ha'ah, and this may be the intention of the Gm in Berchot 15 without a comma, etc., because it is difficult to direct, but the Haza'a ordered that there is no obstacle to accuracy, and it is also found in the Rambam's answers, in any case if he averages between them it comes out Inform all parties of the supplier.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2477

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