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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it possible to use women to tie tassels for the many soldiers who are asking for tassels at this time in the 5th

The people of Spain can use such a tzitzit (O.H. Id. 1) and the Ashkenazi people initially cannot (Rama ibid., and regarding the prohibiting views by Hagahot Maiyoni Hal L. Tzitzit PG and more), and now in the time of need if the possibility of producing quantities of tzitzit for all those in need is Only with the addition of an auxiliary force of women is considered retrospectively and it should be made easier to prepare for the soldiers also for the Ashkenazis, but each soldier individually is commanded to buy a tassel at a store that was kosher to begin with according to the Rama.

Even the people of Spain, if they have an easy possibility to be afraid according to the strict ones, should be afraid of this, and this is known as "being good so that no evil happens" and "do not withhold good from its owner, since it is in God's hand to do it", and in particular regarding the fact that there is a method that is wrong from Daurita (in particular, according to their method, it is better that he should not wear a tassel at all other than the tassel of the 4th winged wings according to their method, and it is certainly good to be afraid of it when it is easy).

Sources: In the margins of the veil, it must be noted regarding her name, if a woman tied a tassel and says that it was intended for her name, or there was someone there who told her before doing it that she should do it for her name and intended for her name, then it is kosher (see Och 11:1, and Mishnav and the explanation of the halacha there, and in Mishna) in C. hand of the same name).
  And from M.M. there is a discussion and contradictions in the rulings as to whether it is beneficial for her to think without speaking, and from M.M. I am confused by what the Mishnab wrote in Hal' Tzisit in Bahl there in the name of Maharam Bennet Dasgi in the thought of the woman.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4717 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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