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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A Sephardi who practices according to the author's opinion is it permissible for him to eat on Shabbat a dish that was heated by an Ashkenaz in a way that was only permissible according to the Rama

The stew is also allowed to be used according to the author's opinion.

Sources: Although the author was initially strict for fear of the strict, and indeed heating is a reason for prohibiting the stew [by Ranz A and A. Rang A], however, the rule is that regarding the matter of Shabbat they resort to making it easier [by C. Sheik], and since there is a dispute between the first and foremost, the author admits that the matter The act of Shabbat is made easier, and I expanded on it even more in Am Segulah, part 1, 3, 4, S. K. B.

And in particular if at the entrance of Shabbat he was on the fire, Rama Rang b.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2439 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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