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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it allowed to cook pork with milk for a foreign worker?

And regarding appearances, see in the sources.

Sources: Mishna Chulin Kig, A and Tor and Shelhan Aruch Yod Paz and also the Lahvah that there is a Hanan in this for Israel, but it is permissible according to the laws of prohibition of meat to be cooked in the milk of Darbanan Dahvah interprets the words of the Tor.

And with regard to the appearance of the rama later on the sign is stricter, and it is true that the Shachak went out to renew the division between the appearance of eating, in which one must be careful, and the appearance of cooking, in which the OT must be careful, but the latter as the Gre'a and the rest of the noach there seem not to have been accepted The Shach's innovation and they agreed with the Rama'a that it appears that he practices both cooking and the 16th that doubted the Rama's MM Ladina did not deviate from the Rama's ruling, and also the Shachak Gofia said his words were in the Rashba's opinion according to what he understood from my words The Rashba, and the Gera's comment on the Shu'a there explains that in another answer to the Rashba it is explained not as the Shachak understood in his words, and in particular that the simplicity that the appearance of the eye belongs to everything that has the appearance of the eye, as we found that it was ruled because of the appearance of the eye in many places, And I'm in the middle of Shabbos in Sogi' Dashotchan in Hama.

In fact, one must be careful in appearance when cooking, and when cooking such a thing, it should be obvious that one is cooking impure meat, and if it is evident from the meat that it is meat, something else is wrong with that.

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