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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

One who received Shabbat after the offering portion and wants to sanctify only after the stars come out, is he allowed to sleep in the meantime

There is reason to say that since he wants to feast and eat after the stars have come out, and if he is used to being careful about it, in any case at the moment it cannot be said that he has an obligation to feast, and therefore also according to the side that it is forbidden to sleep when he has an obligation to feast, in any case while it is not time for his feast And not close to his meal time, he will not be obligated to do so.

And this time we state that drinking before dawn prayer is permitted since he has not yet received the obligation of kiddush before dawn (and there are a few rulings that have taken this way, Efi before Mossef and Yaoi' in the opinion of the Torah of the Maharashem, but the Mishnab did not take this way).

However, according to this, it came out that the person who prayed in the offering portion would be allowed to eat because he intended to sanctify only after the stars came out, and this is not because after you have consecrated, you shall not smoke sand, and as explained in Gm. In the prohibition of sleeping before, it is another barrier than eating before Kiddush.

And from M.M. it should be noted that in the collection of answers [Ha C. 23] it seems that the Grisha believed that it is more important to pray at a time after 12h than to eat the meal after 12h, C. Rela SA DH and if and C. Ra'a DH immediately], and so the one who has already prayed before the 16th day of prayer if he can say that he wants to pray only for the sake of the meal, and if not, then it is my constitutional rite.

However, the main point of the defendant needs to be clarified in the way that he has already committed himself in the mitzvah, but because of Hidor wants to do Hidar and after the mitzvah in a way that will fulfill it more in Hidor, is in practice since he is not about to do the mitzvah he is allowed to do things that are forbidden to do before the mitzvah, etc. I was asked about Av Shemel We were built by a messenger who will already be bound by his word at the beginning of the eighth day, but the messenger came only later, is he a kind of hand over the shoulders, and considered as someone who is not charged with the matter now or not, and will refer to the adjacent answer what I wrote about the appointment of a messenger to check according to the words of the Mishnah B. C. Ta'a.

And in the case of the one who gave his sleep to others, he will be punished according to what I discussed in this, and for the matter of a word, what he allegedly gave to others does not detract from a guard that is useful if the father of the son was a mal himself.
And regarding the matter of fennel for eating, according to the 20th century, Rish Hl.

And it is true that fennel is not beneficial for the matter of eating before Kiddush and also for the matter of eating before Havdalah [Ea.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4289

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