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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

What is the ruling on a person who goes to bed two times a night, when will he recite the Kash on the bed

In the case of someone who sleeps twice in the same night, it turns out that he says Kash before the first time he goes to sleep if he is a regular sleeper, since he is not allowed to sleep a regular sleep without saying Kash on the bed (to the friend we accepted as obligatory), whereas the second time he is no longer obligated, because A person who gets up from his bed in the middle of the night and goes back to sleep is not obligated to pay Kash once again, and as discussed by the judges on other laws regarding the matter of one who gets up from his bed in the night (i.e. from the 2nd book of the night, 4), but he does not pay Kash on the bed once, and as in the case of the one who has an abortion that there is no party who needs to bless every time he goes to sleep (and according to Beor Halach C. included the Mishkah in the name of the human life which is according to the custom of Olam, and neither did the Behal Gofia take that it is necessary to say the Hamil before every time he goes to sleep since they fixed on sleeping at night), Also, the Garchak (Ishi Yisrael Teshuva Rapad) adopted that if one sleeps and turns and shakes one does not have to go back and read the Kash on the bed.

And Gera Farid Shalita told me (and the main part of his words is about sleeping after the part of the minachh, but it seems that he also means those who sleep in non-main sleep at the beginning of the night) that the one who goes to sleep and gets up turns out to say Kash on the bed when it is the main sleep of the night, and if The second time is the main time he must say Kash before the main time.
And his words contradict the words of the aforementioned Gerhak who did not speak about a person resting at the beginning of the night.

And in any case, when going to bed at the beginning of the night, you should check that according to the laws it is permissible to sleep if there is before Ma'ariv or before Kash.

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