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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A Streimel hat whose middle part is taller than the rest of the hat is it permissible to cover it with plastic on Shabbat

Yaoi' in the 20th century C. Sha Sakknav who brought a custom that some people used not to cover the hat with a tallit, and in this he brought a discussion between the Maga and the Mahash whether there is a place for this custom or not. Without the tallit it already exists, and if the hat is not a tent, the prohibition does not exist without the tallit.

Although the MGA's claim does not belong here regarding covering the Streimel, because here there really is a place in the middle of the Streimel where a new roof was created by the covering that was not there before.

And Yaoi' in the 1920s there is one of the reasons for settling the world's custom of lightening the cap, which he brought up as one of the reasons for this because the edges are soft from my hands and bend and in any case do not form the shape of a tent, although all this in the way that there is no roof, belongs to the claim that the edges are soft, but in the way that a roof is formed it does not It belongs to the claim that the covering sheet is too soft, which is proven in the issues in Gm and B. That in the case of a tent, if there are four stable pillars and covers them with a tent that takes shape by being used as a cover for the pillars, then it is a tent.

And we need to find out the reality of this regarding the part of the streimel in the middle, if it is soft and bends when the cover is placed on it, in which case it will be possible to assert the above-mentioned explanation that the Mishnab 20-10 of the reasons for settling the custom regarding a hat, as well as meaning in the section before this [C. Sha Sakkan "A] He took the Halacha to mean that if the brim of the hat bends and is not stable, it is not a tent prohibition.

It should also be added that if the plastic bag that covers the top of the hat is not stable, such as if you take a large storage bag and put the hat in it and it is not attached to the hat, then there is certainly no concern on Shabbat, since the top bag does not take on any form of a tent and is not a roof for anything, Yaoi' Bel ' The Mishnav there Sec Kana.

But in such a way that the nylon cover is fixed and tightened and takes the shape of an Ahel yla what is the permission in this, and also in the way that the middle part of the hat is not wide taph yla what is the permission in this, Yaoi' in C. Shtu sah and in the Mishnab Shem sia scm" A. Making a new temporary tent on Shabbat is forbidden, even if it is less than a cultivator.

It is true that Shur Shahaza'a (I.S. O. C. Nev. S. K. B. Y.) has taken the view that a thing that leads to tension even if it is not tensioned is forbidden, and it is forbidden by this.

And even if the nylon cover is spread first and only then the hat is threaded under it, it is not easy to untie it at all, since this nylon may protect against the rains, and in this case it is forbidden to build a roof without partitions, cf. , and the hazu'a there is something that is more serious and it is forbidden if he does not come to defend.

And the study of the right that may have to be taught in this is the rationale of the Ar cited in Mishnav C. Sha Sakknaa regarding the permit for hats, because it is a way of clothing, and it is an innovation to say that this permit will also apply to the covering of the hat, since it is simply not all that a person carries on He does not have a tent rule as demonstrated in the issues of Sukkah and Iroubin regarding a partition and a wall in a person, and it should be noted from the decision of the Mishnab there that where it was not customary to make it easier, it should not be made easier, and it should also be noted that it is only in the opinion of Rashi there and not to the Sha'ar who interpreted the words of the Hag'em there in a different way, Ish at 10:00 p.m. he jumped.

27 I wrote from Koffia in the meantime, and if I find time without a vow I will look into this question further.

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