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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is there a sukkah around which mice are not allowed to go out?

I extended this with an extended answer in the situations and sides of the condemned, and the main thing is who it bothers
For him, which includes most people, he is not obliged to be in such a sukkah if it is not protected
Hermetically sealed from the mice, and he is also not allowed to build a sukkah in such a place.


Arabs R. H. Tashpad

In honor of the famous, magnificent genius, etc., Rabbi Gamliel Rabinovitz Shalita, I will also walk

His Holiness Rabbi and KTS

I received his letter regarding making a sukkah in place of mice and as we know, several rulings of great teachers on the matter have already been published, and there is no need for me and my demeanor.
And since I am not writing a part of this, I will return to the main points that were explained in the words of the arbitrators in this.

And I am not entering here to discuss the reality of which specific places and what the halachic definition of each and every place is, but what is being discussed is general, what is the law in the way that it is known that there are common mice in the place around the sukkah and by their nature the mice may and may enter the sukkah, and in places whose definition is provided, each and every thing should be discussed and studied.

And here it is clear that a mouse is a miserable animal in the eyes of people today and for ordinary people nowadays they will stay away from staying in the company of a mouse and many people will not agree to eat in the company of this animal, while knowingly spending the night in its company is difficult to find someone who would not care about it.

And in any case, his character has what is mentioned in Gm' Sukkah 26 for the matter of Kiki that he is sorry and is exempt from the Sukkah, and also in Shoa 3 30033, flies and fleas are mentioned and we were the same, and it should not be argued that he is sorry only in the way that he suffers in every moment but also in suffering Whenever the environment is not safe and suffering abounds, there is a reference in the RMA MS concerning thieves, (and a reference in the GM concerning the guardians of pardesim, which is somewhat related to this matter).

And it is not only for the Rabbinical Rabbi who believes that a person can be sorry for something for which there is no way to be sorry. It was brought up in the 20th century in the explanation of the halachic law, but also to divide the opinion of the Rabbinic Rabbi, and in particular here it is clear that the way of the experts of knowledge is to regret it, and the law of the experts is a state. Degm' and ai' in the 20th century.

And from the point of view of the one who says that he is not bothered by mice at all, this is a falsification that there is no exemption, sorry, and as for the one who says that he is not afraid that mice will enter and therefore does not bother him, he should be like the one who is not afraid of thieves in a place where thieves are noted, and I. in 22 C. 17 from SD.

And M.M. Petor Sofim does not permit from the beginning to build a sukkah in such a way that he is freed when he is sorry as explained in Shoa 3. 3034, and the details of the laws are further in the Rama'a and Shnav there.

And it should be noted that a regretful deptor is said not only for the kula but also for the khumra and not only on the first night but also for the other nights. C. Talt s.a., and from the Shnav there, and not only on the part of the person who ate outside of the sukkah, therefore such a sukkah must be avoided completely on the first night meal and in the case of one who abstains and maintains such a sukkah on other nights in any sense there is no mitzvah in this, and in the case of whether one passes a prohibition, depending on whether it is a crime In the same condition as above.

And it is impossible to completely disqualify this sukkah even when there is no other sukkah at all, if it is a sukkah where one can eat there, because in this one is being judged for a sukkah that is suitable for eating and not suitable for sleeping, ibid. And in the rest of the book there and Achmal, and the definition of this sukkah for the matter of eating must be discussed, and it varies from person to person, but a person who is careful can claim that he is also careful about eating because that is the way many people are to be careful, and i.e. what I wrote above about the words of the Rabbi.

And to put the smallest ones in the place of mice if the reality is that there is danger, then it is prohibited to do so because of danger as there was already a practice in this, and the crucifixion is the reality in this and Afi' in a big way when he sleeps in such a place if there is danger in this.

And I saw in the name of the Rabbi Farid Shalita that DLPZ mentioned that a person who has such a sukkah should spend up to five percent of his assets to build a sukkah that will be legally kosher, since without this it is not kosher, and he brought advice there to completely seal the sukkah in such a way that there would be no fear of mice entering to the place, and it is appropriate and desirable to propose the idea to the companies that market sukkas for assembly, so that they can check whether it is possible to manufacture and market such a sukka that is sealed in such a way that there is no fear of mice entering at all.

In conclusion, a sukkah that mice may enter has a fundamental concern about using it in sukkahs either on the first night or on the other nights, and between eating and sleeping, and in some cases the fear is the main reason, unless it does not interfere with him eating and sleeping around mice, in which case it is permissible.


מק"ט התשובה הוא: 1455

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