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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it permissible to make soda water on Shabbat?

To know how many rulers it is permissible to make soda on Shabbat, but some forbade it because it was born.

Sources: See the report of Rav Peleim 18, OH C. 18, who wrote to permit the preparation of soda because there is no blow with a hammer in the ochlin. , see there who provided some evidence for this, however, according to the body of the ruling of the BHL, its decision is about the matter of being hit with a hammer and not about the matter of Nold's conviction.
(Therefore, I am afraid of Shi' Hamari bina Shabbat 21 regarding the matter of striking with a hammer in Ochlin, since the Bahl did not feel it as the Mash Shem ed. The words of Binah, as well as what was condemned, which will be explained next, as well as what the Maharashem brought, have no decision for them from the words of the Mishnab).

However, there is a discussion here regarding hitting with a hammer regarding the powder of the soda for drinking itself, which is not suitable for eating beforehand, (and Rabbi Peleim's permission is for the thing that is suitable for eating, and the opinion of the Mishnav must be discussed about this), and if it can be said that since it is dissolved in water, hitting with a hammer is not considered for it But with regard to the water, in which there is no hitting with a hammer because it was appropriate before and according to the opinion of the Mishnab, and this sabra must be discussed, and those who prepare it with gas must also be discussed regarding the substance of the gas in the matter of hitting with a hammer.
And according to the rabbi, if the way they prepared the soda at the time was by mixing a material that is not suitable as it is today (and the reality of this should be ascertained), then there is a decision in the fact that they go beyond the main point of the thing and it is suitable for eating.

And also in the name of the HaTas [Sabbath brewer's strike 27th century] it was brought that it is permissible to prepare soda on Shabbat, as well as the opinion of the Gershza [77th century 11th century, note 11] and the OLC [Hebrew 17th CID] and Mt. Zvi [1 Capt], and the ref. Shu'at Maharam of Brisk [HA Keto], and the same Manchai [9 13] except that the Manchai 20 which in the first place was to be done before Shabbat and allowed only retroactively.

However, in the name of Maharil Diskin [the Shabbat strike, a practice that considers the laws of a craft that does not comply with the SKK], it was brought to prohibit the mixing of soda powder on Shabbat because it is generative.

And Yaoi' in Ameri Bina there and from the Reshmam there and in some of my recent books that brought up some discussions and questions regarding the permit to prepare soda on Shabbat.
And I saw in the rulings of answers C. Shach, note 163, that he brought many opinions on this and I did not have time to review them, and I will not take the responsibility of copying them here without examining them, but he concluded there that God-fearing it is not appropriate for him to prepare soda on Shabbat because there is a great disagreement about this among the latter.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4199 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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