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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A widow and a divorcee with children who lights Hanukkah candles

The children certainly light the fire according to the Ashkenazi custom, and the mother will light the light if none of the children have reached the age of mitzvah (see Mishnah Berura 13), and if there is a child who is bar mitzvah, the mother is exempt from lighting the light, and according to the prevailing custom, girls do not light the light (see Ibid Skat) for any reason Honorable Bat Melech Penima (Ein Hatsah Shabbat 21 EB), she also will not light a bar mitzvah lamp in this case.
And the custom is that girls light the fire (and thus the simplicity of the Mishna is clear 31 Skat), the mother will also light the fire in this case, and of course the man who does not live there does not go out lighting the household members.
In the case of the Sephardi, since they do not have a clear custom that women do not light candles, since in most cases there is no one who lights a candle except the owner of the house, therefore in this case the mother can do the lighting even when there is a Bar Mitzvah if she wishes, and on the other hand if she wishes to follow the custom of the Chas that a woman does not light a candle with her own hand Vidalik built in its place, and a blessing will come upon them who maintain a leadership that the spirit of the sages favors, and from what the BHL Sos wrote, a warning will come that a woman will come to a man whose wife brings him out with a Hanukkah candle. that there is no one in the Hebrew Bible but a woman, that the main responsibility for the house rests on the woman and the man is only a caretaker for the responsibility.

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