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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is it permissible to strengthen the hand of a foreigner who has murdered?

In Gm' Nadar 22 AA, it was brought about a nobleman who, because of the control of his soul, had to strengthen the hands of a wicked person while he committed a murder, because of a piko'n, but in such a way that there is no piko'n in it and there is no necessity in it that permits to do so, it is a prohibition of flattery, and anyone who holds the hands of the wicked will end up falling In their hands, and the end deviates at length, and if you associate with the wicked for the purpose of trade only, the words of the verse in the Chronicles of Chronicles, when you associate with Ahaziah, the Lord broke your works and your ships were broken, and the details of the laws of Hanupa, in the book of Laws of Peace for Amor Shalita in the chapter discussing the laws of Hanupa .

And in the chapters of DRA 1. Shimchanifin to the wicked, etc., because of the ways of peace, and the limits of flattery to the wicked according to the Gm' in Gitin, S. P. Hanizkin, and yet Jacob was punished according to his rank for what the flatterer did as explained in the Sages, although it was for the purpose of peko "N, but not for the sake of peaceful means to strengthen their murderous acts, a crime that has no permission in the world.

And it should be noted that the prohibition of flattery here and holding the hands of criminals, there is another prohibition here because in the current situation the entire world is divided in its opinions on whether to hold the hands of the Arab murderers or not, and everyone raises their eyes to the people who live in Zion what they say about it, and as soon as there is from among the people who live in Zion People who voluntarily come to strengthen the hands of the murderers, after all, they actually strengthen their hands all over the world, and the consequences of this are very significant, how many will want to join the murderers and their actions, and how many will want to do the opposite, and I am not familiar with the scope of this, what scope it is, but simply that there This is giving them power, and weapons are viable as long as they do not sell weapons to the Gentiles, especially since they are not assisted by such an international force in their direct acts of murder.

I will just conclude in the framed article that I do not know what and how the details of the case and event were, and the answer to this is only based on the details that the questioner sent to receive the answer.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5578 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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