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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Peace and blessings, Your Honor. A person whose soul desires to study the inner parts of the Torah, and not on us, has reached a situation where he makes contact with a demon and receives knowledge from him, but the person does not promise him anything in return, has he transgressed any prohibition?

The simple opinion that it is permissible and not worthwhile.

Sources: There are opinions on this whether it is permissible to receive information from demons or not, but the simple opinion and the decision of the Rama in Yod Ket St 7 that there is no prohibition in this and as the name of the Gra pointed out, it is proven in many places, (and also the author who allegedly brought two opinions But it must be discussed that it may be considered that he did not mention a dissenting opinion about it, in his own language there), and from M.M. the Rama also there concluded that the keeper of his soul should stay away from it because it causes damages.

And also in the book Chassidim C. Ro explained at length about the damages caused by the delusions caused by the demons after that, and the Most High, if you see a person prophesying about the Messiah, know that they were engaged in the act of sorcerers or the act of demons or the act of the explicit name and because they are troubling the angels they say He has a messiah so that he will be revealed to the world for troubling the angels and in the end he will be a shame and dishonor to the whole world for troubling the angels' or the demons come and teach him accounts and secrets for his clothing and the clothing of those who believe in his words.

And it should be noted that if in the matter of the dalma there is permission to learn from Shad MM, the student of the OT should be more careful to learn only from a kosher rabbi, according to Shabbat 11a and Hagiga 15, (and indeed, according to Irovin Maga 11 on Yosef Shida and must be reconciled What you said from the mouth of the Bahmad), and in particular the contradictions of the Torah, one needs to be more careful, and there are several warnings from the Beit Midrash of the Graha regarding not accepting from Maggidim, i.e. in what is printed at the end of the file of Toldod Adam and Toldot Menachem what was brought up in it.

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