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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

He made a mistake and said on a weekday and spread over us Sukkot Shalomuch whether it will end like on Shabbat or not

He will come back to say and save our exit and finish like every weekday.

Sources: From the main point of the law, there was a chaplain who would conclude as on Shabbat, since he was reluctant to say a sign of their signature close to their signing, this way if he concludes he keeps his people Israel forever, he did not say close to the sign of a sign of the sign, and in particular in the Dov Midrash it is explained that he signs in peace and means even on a weekday.

And it should be noted Debtor E. The reason we add a type C blessing to the Gm is to add a kind of signature close to the Ekkad signature, (and in the Gm chapter Arabi Pesachim and Yerushalmi Berchot).

Although it seems to Pom Halkta that he will return to Lushmore, we left and let's think about whether he said Shalom Rav while it is customary to say Shim Shalom. P. There is no source in the Bible for dividing Shalom Rav and Shim Shalom, and there are customs to always say Shalom Rav, and yes, always Rav Rav, MM this is the primary rule of our customs, and apparently one should go to Paz as a model if he said Shalom Rav when it is necessary to say Shalom Rav Yes, since it was changed from the original correction, and also in the Nidd, since it was changed from our customs to sign in peace only on Shabbat, he must finish on the sand what the custom is fixed to sign on a weekday, and since a friend who says a kind of signing close to their signing should say this again as a correction of the blessing as long as the name in the signature did not say that To.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2633 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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