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The purpose of the site is to provide the general public with reasoned, detailed and accurate answers according to the sources. After for years the answers were collected in files with Virtue, it was decided to move the site to a computerized answer database, to allow newer audiences to access the answers in general and each and every answer in the database individually in what concerns him.

The main target audience of the site are Torah scholars and scholars who can discuss the halachic sources and ideas on the site, therefore most of the answers are formulated and written according to people of the book, but the site opens its doors to every Jew regardless of who he is and tries to give a reasoned, clear and detailed answer to everyone, as much as possible.

Indeed, efforts have been made to make the halachic conclusions on the site accessible to everyone, so in many of the long and complex answers, a few lines are added before the answer about the conclusion that actually emerges from the things.

According to the Shas and rulings of the Shoah, Rama, and Noach, and the Shinab, and Chazoa, and the rulings of the great teachers of our time.

The answers are answered by default according to the majority of the Ashkenazi people who practice according to the rulings of the Rama and the Mashnab, but in places where there is a clear custom for the Sephardim who practice according to the opinion of the Shu'a, a Sephardic custom has also been cited.

The questions were asked by different personalities and entities on different occasions as part of the site's halachic answer center and as part of everyday life.

The halachic content on the website was written by Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver, a member of the Chazon Ish Bnei Brak Kollel, and the author of books on halachic and legend.

האתר כולל את רובן המוחלט של התשובות שהתפרסמו בשו"ת עם סגולה בד"כ תחת השם עם סגולה.

עם זאת הקו של התשובות באתר הים הוא על שו"ת בענייני הלכה בעוד שו"ת עם סגולה מדבר גם בנושאים באגדה ובסוגיות הש"ס.

None of the content or answers on the site are intended to be judged in practice, but only to make accessible the understanding that emerges from the words of the judges and to make it easier to understand the issues and methods.

As mentioned, the answers on the site were not written for them to be relied upon, and everything must be checked in the source and/or ask a smart question.

You can contact one of the contact forms on the website or the email and phone number listed in the contact details on the website and we will handle the problem as soon as possible.

We are always open to hearing any suggestions or comments. You can always leave a request in one of the contact forms on the website or by email and phone number listed in the contact information on the website and we will look into the issue as soon as possible.

At the moment there is no plan or expected to stop the activity of the site at any time. However, the costs of maintaining the website and everything contained therein are significant costs.

אין בד"כ שום דף באתר שצריך להיות חסום בשירות סינון של שהוא, וספקי הסינונים עושים מאמצים רבים להנגיש את השירות שלהם בצורה המדוייקת ביותר, אך לפעמים ישנן תקלות.

ולכן אם בכל זאת מצאת דף חסום בסינון כל שהוא, יעזור לנו מאוד אם תוכל לדבר מול הסינון כשיפתחו את הדף, ויהיה בזה זיכוי הרבים, אם אין לך הזמן לך ניתן לפחות למסור לנו את המידע כדי שנוכל לטפל בזה ישירות מולם.