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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A child who fulfills the mitzvah of the mother receives a reward

It's simple that he gets paid like animals who have no idea at all. We have mentioned in several places that they received their wages for what they did according to their will, but in the case of a small one receiving a salary as a mitzvah and doing or as not a mitzvah and doing it, Dvpk Dekidushin Amari' a big one is a mitzvah and does a mitzvah and does a mitzvah and does it, and the first ones were divided Whether a small mitzvah or not, Rashi Barchot Mah and Ramban PG said a small mitzvah is not a mitzvah, but the obligation is only on his father, and to recite Berchot Mah is a mitzvah also for the little one.

But to the Nidd, it seems that with regard to the little man he surely considers a mitzvah and does it, for the reason that he does the mitzvah and does it takes more reward because he worries and regrets that he fulfills his duty as a mash hathos in Kiddoshin there, the little man surely worries and regrets because he is afraid of the practices he is obligated to do, and if it were ruled that the little one is not Obliged, but since he thinks he is obligated, he worries and regrets, and if it is decided that he is not obligated and the little one knows about it, nevertheless the little one worries because of his father who obliges him, the father is obligated to educate his little son.

And Yaoi' in Gm Yoma and Barshi Shem Dish said that the Adifa donation is obligatory because it came out of the generosity of the heart without being obligated to it, and yet there are parties who did not lend a mitzvah greater than the mitzvah, and yet in general the mitzvah is greater than it.

And here is a question about whether the little one is obligated or not, apparently the little one has the virtues, both the virtue of the mitzvah and the virtue of the non-mitzvah. How unnecessary is it to return to the court for a misdemeanor, etc., and does not listen to the Yitzhar because he is afraid of the strict opinions, and then feels that he is fulfilling his duty in doing so, on the one hand, doing so generously in his heart, even though he has an excuse, as it were, to avoid it, and on the other hand, he worries and regrets, etc. ' Because he is afraid of getting worse, and it's easy to understand.

What I wrote should be learned from the Bible, for example in the Alma I followed, since we find that Hamor took a salary as Rabbi Eliezer in the PK in Bekorot, and we also find Gabi for the dog, Tishlikhon, as in Paras'i there in P. Mishpatim cf. 22, but surely That the reward of the little ones is greater than on the stage, and as in the congregation who knows, etc. and the spirit of the beast that descends is down to the earth, the beast has no existence and their spirits come from the shells as in the need for us to praise in the book of Adam's life, and only the spirit of Israel receives the true Obhav, And small ones are entitled to OHV for their mitzvot as the Rama's C. Kachd Kaman Damer Hachi in the Damseh Gem that punishes the baby Amen is awarded OHV, and the animal is not awarded OHV, and it is true that there are contradictions as to whether a still life is punished or not, ed. Barsh "J.S.P. Will go and in the G.M. what was demanded by the A.P. Shemesh Yarah imd zbola, and in the ruling of the Dr.K. P. Shush Ashish Tanyina, M.M. from the recipients are the wages of something, but the small Israelis receive OAVB and as we have explained.

As for whether an older person will take more than a younger one or a smaller one than an older one, according to what I have explained, it means that a younger person will take more, and everything depends on the matter of charity and the duty that is in the heart's feelings, and everything is visible before it, and it is only necessary to note Ha Damari' in Gm' Dahabal, the mouths of infants of a household A rabbi is a vanity in which there is no sin, etc., etc. in keeping the language at length.

Addition after time

שוב הרהרתי ממימרא דקידושין לא ע"א גבי רב יוסף דהוה סגי נהור ואמר מאן דאמר לי הלכה כר' יהודה וכו' מאן דאמר לי אין הלכה כר' יהודה וכו' עי"ש, ומבואר לכאורה מהגמ' שם דלא כדברינו שרצינו לומר שבמקום פלוגתא חשיב מצווה או אינו מצווה, אלא רק אזלי' לפי מה שנפסק להלכה, עי"ש, ואולי ר"ל שמכאן ואילך כשישמיעוהו שכך הדין יהיה אינו מצווה ועושה או מצווה ועושה, אבל עכ"פ מה שמבואר בגמ' שם שעד אז אין דינו כמצווה וכאינו מצווה יחד.

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