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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

An electric game that makes noise that the baby turns on on Shabbat and interferes with the meal, is it permissible to keep it away from the baby on Shabbat in order to replace it

If it bothers him only because he is not sensible, most of the judges forbid it, unless he wants to invite guests and is ashamed to let them in there, and if the noise bothers him by nature, there is a reason to allow it when the baby may cause noise in the game, and of course when he is noisy it is permissible to take him out.

Sources: There are several discussions here to discuss the permission of the necessity of its place, the first is whether a disturbance of the sanctity of the Sabbath is a necessity of its place, b) is a disturbance of a voice a necessity of its place, c) is a disturbance that is not directly from the object but comes by the baby's approach to the object is considered when removing the The object as a remover for the purpose of its place, and here regarding the first sentence, our contemporary arbitrators discussed regarding an assigned object that is in a meal and interferes because it does not create a Sabbath atmosphere (the so-called "Shabbatdig" in Ashkenazi language), and most of them resorted to prohibiting it (see 22 No, Arhot Shabbat 19:15, and comments and additions on Shacha 15), therefore if the assignee does not disturb the person by nature at all but only that it is not honoring Shabbat, this should not be permitted, but in the event that the assignee makes a noise that actually disturbs and robs the rest of the household, we enter into this To discuss whether the disturbance of a voice is necessary for its place, and the decision in this the judges wrote that such disturbance is also considered to be necessary for its place (see the Gerach and Gera Auerbach in the book and Yom Shabbat 23:17, and in the book Arhot Shabbat 19:27 et seq. 75, and Bezou Mag.

7. Prevention of damage is also considered a necessity in its place, and A. next to it), and M.M. is not exactly similar to what the rulings condemn on a disturbing alarm clock, since here the disturbance in it is caused by the assignee and not directly by the assignee, but even in this it means considering a necessity in its place, p. Barachot Shabbat 19 , 20, and in note 15 what he brought there, and see also from Shnab Shia, 13, regarding the matter of exhuming a dead body for the purpose of priests, and from the 20th century, there is talk of things that at any moment interfere with the Shachak here, but from what On an assignee who may cause damage the fence of the permit is necessary for its place, this means that the necessary permit does not have to be in place at that actual moment, but rather what makes it difficult to stay there when damage may occur, and from the above damage is a stronger pretext for interference, but also with regard to interference To say that it makes it difficult for a person to sit in a place where there may be a disturbance, but even in Nidd, if you take the assigned while it is noisy, there is no need to worry.

And with regard to guests, the Gersha ordered the same on the Sabbath there, and see also Bararhot Shabbat 19 note Med in the name of the Gersha, and see Shlohan Shlomo Shekh Ski 2.

And it is possible to add that if they disturb and grieve what is not a Shabbat atmosphere until it is difficult for him to eat there in that also it is considered as if there are guests, since according to Hashaba Ho' in the rulings a definition of the necessity of his place is mentioned that he must vacate the place in order to be there.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 2731 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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