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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is a game ball of our times assigned on the Sabbath

For the custom of the Ashkenazi people it is not allocated (Rama Och 3. Shah Sama), and for the custom of the Sephardic people this is not clear at all.
And also for those who overdo it, but it is not appropriate for adults to play with it as I will write in the adjacent answer.

Sources: The Shu'a [which the people of Spain follow] there ruled that it is assigned, and according to the simplicity of the words of the Mishnav, the name of the Sek Kanz is also in today's balls, since the Mishnav wrote there that what is appropriate to play in does not give him a tool to expropriate from it Allocated, although in the name of the tribe of Levi [Havat 3. 18] and the Gershza [in Yitzchak read on the Mishnav there] and the Gersha [Sabbaths of Yitzchak mokset 55 letter 1] it was brought that our balls are not allocated.
Although in Or Lezion [Heb 56 Tshuva 8] he made it worse.
And I. in a second thread [Hg Pasha SKA] who wrote several sides to this, and also according to him in his conclusion it is not clear the permission for today's bullets for the people of Sephard, Ish.

It was found that since what is being discussed here is the people of Sephardi who follow the instructions of the Rabbis of Sephardi and they have made it worse and since the Mishnav, silencing his words means making it worse, so it is a bit pressing to allow the Shofis for the Sephardim today, but surely the Mekil has something to rely on, in particular that it is a Durbanan who due Scribes have to go after the mikyl, and in particular the Rama'a Efi' bullets that in their time should be permitted and this, and the opinion of the Rama and his assistant should also be attached to the people of Sephard where the opinion of the author is not clear, and in particular a simple sabra would seem to make it easier since it has a tool theory and there is It has a known and defined use.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 6425 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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