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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Those who drink water not for the purpose of pleasure at all but for the purpose of health because they are preparing to fast and do not want to have a headache do they bless it

The opinion of the absolute majority of the arbiters of our time that there are no blessings for everything in this way (see in great detail in this kind of way and in similar ways in the comments and supplements C. Red on Mishnab Skm on behalf of many of the latter and the arbiters of our time), therefore exempt from blessing who doubt blessings to facilitate.

Although if we enjoy drinking even now, surely we should bless.

And by all means, even if he drinks for the purpose of tomorrow, if he has something else to bless him with, everything is fine, and getting out of the hands of all the opinions is better (there are apparent contradictions in this in the Mishnav, in the sense of getting out of doubt, in doubt, blessings, but there is certainly some evidence in the Mishnav, and they rule that if it is easy to get out of the hands of doubt Afi' in doubt blessings and in the words of Darbanan he came out of doubt, and as Kmash the PMG in the God of meat in milk and in the rules of doubt doubt 27).

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