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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

What is the lesson of leaving a piece of mouth on one's table at the end of the meal

From the main point of the law, the remainder is for the poor (Sanhedrin Tzev), and therefore it was proper to preserve flakes that have a purpose of giving (Shear HaZion, chapter 3) and it is proper to give to the poor the good that is on the table (ibid. A poor man at a meal and asks for bread, the scribes of our time instructed that this rule of leaving a piece of fat (and this is the blessing Petu 5 in the name of the Grisha, Chidshudi Batra Ochh Cap, so we will talk about it), but they did write to leave something of a crumb (i.e. ' So we will talk there), perhaps in memory of this or as a sign for the above matter, or because there is another matter in this that will be evident about what the blessing is, as well as a sign of blessing that food remains during the blessing (cit. As it is proven in many places, and in fact it will leave flakes that contain essences and not dust (the Grisha in the field tree 19, note 10).

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