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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A woman who founded an organization to import foreign patients from Gaza for treatment and assistance if she did the right thing

Visiting foreign sick people with Israeli sick people, and even foreign sick people on their own, and precisely for the purpose of visiting they know that this is the Israeli way of visiting sick people, but to establish organizations for the purpose of treating foreigners, instead of Jews and the entire population together with them, is not at all permitted, and how sorry we were when it took place before our eyes The one who flatters the wicked ends up falling into their hands.

Sources: critics, etc., Gitin sa 1a, and even on their own, see Shch Yud Shala 7 and Besi Kana and 2h there, and so do most of the rulings on the matter of charity, through faith MA 17 17 , and the Rambam did not mention about the matter of a visit with the sick of Israel, in Yahuah Shem 1:9, and indeed a visit only since everything is according to the matter as in the Mish there and like this in his decision in Paz there in the name of the Riku only in a place that is visible and leads to enmity, And all flatterers, etc., end up perverting.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 1665

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