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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A soldier who returned from his position at the base on Shabbat with his weapons on his back did the right thing

An act of a soldier who grew up in a secular home and a spirit of purity was awakened in him and he was allowed to keep Shabbat, so he returned home on foot from the base he was there for the purpose of saving souls, but due to lack of knowledge he took all his tools on his back, and it must be discussed whether he did it fairly.

And here is a settled halacha in Iroubin MA and OOH SS Shekht that all those who go out to rescue return to their place with their tools, and there are by God's side tools to use that are needed for his constant use without which he cannot fight, since the reason for allowing this is so that they are not recognized by enemies who cannot To fight now as explained in the GM there, in any case anything that he will lack if he has to fight that is necessary for the purpose of the war, he should be allowed.

And although it must be argued that each soldier on his own, if he returns home with his tools of war and uses them for the war, it will not be saving lives, since if all the soldiers return each of them to his home without his tools of war and his tools of use, it will be a PikoN that they will recognize them as enemies. , that's why there is a general PICON permit.

And even though he went out to save already on Friday, it doesn't seem to make sense to say Dahmir more than that, since he had to be at the base on Shabbat as well, and he didn't have to be at the base on Shabbat, but on Friday, and he would return already on Friday in such a way that by the time he came home he would have already Shabbat is apparently a Gach in this permission, this permission is only because of the PKON that they will not be recognized by enemies, and from May who hates when did the need for it begin.

And here the Mishnav in Ss. Shecht brought the reason because they will not fail for the future to come, but in S. 16 SKI brought the above-mentioned reason in the name of the Bh and the Hr since it is explained in the Gm, and in fact one has to assert the claim of the Nz to the B of the reasons, And Yaoi' in the Shebal (26 20 and 16 Paz) that the reason for them not to fail to the atal is the reason for the PKON permit, that because there is a fear that they will be neglected, there is a fear of PKON here if we prohibit them, and according to this reason, there is rather A party to permit is more than what is necessary, but in Gm' it means that the permit is also because of the first reason I wrote, and in fact, there is a well-known custom in this, and achmal.

And here is the act of YA if initially it is permissible to do so, and it requires seriousness and concentration of mind, but for the purpose of hindsight it is enough to say that it does not require atonement.

And in our case it should be added that most of the area that is at all a highway networked in Irovin ACP with some kind of solution, although not certified, but apparently Daurieta was not concerned, and the area between the cities that is Carmelit is generally desert that is not a highway Daurieta as explained in the Dashabt Pk and in the most Some of the rulings almost do not have Rhar Dauriita today, in any case this soldier who accidentally failed in Darbanan in his case can be taught that the Holy Bible says that there is no accidental prohibition in Darbanan, and there is no claim here that he had to learn that it was said about Tah in Makkah and Ben Noach in Bek Zev , whereas this soldier rather came from a secular home and came to study and still didn't get enough.

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