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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Sowing in a pot that is not specified on top of water only without soil, does it have a hybrid law to prohibit placing it under grape branches or not

In the addendum Klaiim PA 59 I. Sowing on the aqueduct does not contain any Klaiim, and it was also brought in the way of faith Rish Halachot Klaiim, VE Yerushalmi Klaiim SPA, and the arbitrators of our time discussed whether this is also a normal way of sowing by actual water or No.
(And also by Rash Klaiim PG MB and Dok).

And I. Shuat Har Tzvi HB C. not the letter of God regarding water crops in our time called hydroponics, which for some reason prohibits hybrids.

And it must be noted that according to the division of things there in the Tosefta as well as in Yerushalmi there it means that the things mentioned there for exemption are things that cannot grow through them and I do not wish to dispel the thing that such is the way of its growth.

And also YLA in all of this, whether the exemption or the permit or only an exemption from Dauriata.
It should be noted a model for the case of a covered house 1 in Yerushalmi PA 12 for the case of a tax-exempt property that is not a match at all, and even in this case, cages instead of a cover are not permitted.

And it should also be noted in the Addendum of the Hebrews that there is a person who sows something that does not grow, an exemption, and a model there, it is possible that it is only an exemption and not a permit, and the designation is something that does not take place, and does not place a seed in the pot of alma [such as the toman for turnips and radishes, etc.] that it is not sowing at all, but There is a sowing that is caught and becomes sick, only that it does not take place, and in this, since it does not take place, there is an exemption and a forbidden tax.
(And what I wrote in another answer regarding the matter of the Lord Shabbat in 23).

But there are those who disagree about the GRCP, and some have argued that it may be a definition in the laws of kalaim that a doka in the land is required because of a dictation of Shadach (cf. Zebhai Ephraim zabhaim Tsad 2b), and cf. what was cited in the Talmudic encyclopedia a value of klaim [Part 1 p. Taklat].

To sum things up, there is a Mimra that sows by water is exempt from the hybrids, but there is no clear decision as to whether this is also about ongoing sowing and whether it is also a permit to begin with.

And I will mention some of the books of our time that brought opinions of those ruling in this regard to the matter of Shemita, the report of Nehfa in the money Yod C. E, the report of Sde Ha'aretz 13 Yod C. 20, the report of Maharil Diskin KA C 27 Letter 1, Or Lezion (Saviyat) C. I. Letter 7, Har Tzvi Zeraim HCV C. No, Sde Shmuel Sheviyat C. 12, Rosvat Hasbit Yod 13 p. Kid (regarding hybrids), and I. in the afternoon at the end of what was brought there in the name of the hazu'a.

I don't have a decision on this, although I have a bit of a tendency on this from a freezer. It is possible that the tosefta is exempt, but it is prohibited and it is like a pot that is not named, mm I do not have a decision on this, and maybe we will look at things more later.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 6075 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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