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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

Is the nylon cover of a stroller assigned on Shabbat?

is not assigned.

Sources: In the body under discussion, whether adding nylon on a cart in such a way that the entire roof of the cart opens on Shabbat, is it permitted on Shabbat or not? "T Beer Moshe 26 C. 16, the Garnak was brought on Arhot Shabbat 19, note Md), but some of the judges made it worse (Shebet HaLevi 13 C. Ned, so we will discuss HA C. Et Ot Kello) , and their claim that since there was no sabbath tefa roof that was made in the permit, in any case in such a way it is possible that it would be forbidden to add to such a temporary tent according to the Haza'a (and A. S.S.C. Ibid. on this claim).
And I. in the last mishna on the Mishnab C. Stu SK67 who went on to bring the sources regarding the opinions of the arbiters of our time regarding the matter of the wagon roof, and I. I. at the beginning of his words on the Mishnab there is what he brought in the whole discussion about closing the wagon roof itself on Shabbat when it was not open Tap from a day ago what is the ruling on the fact that it is not agreed upon at all to allow it and the judges extended it because of what it brought about.

And from the NID regarding the question of whether this roof is assigned or not, Psheita is not assigned, since it is not special only for making a tent in the prohibited manner, since it is permissible to spread this nylon cover if the roof of the wagon was spread on the evening of Shabbat at least a tap, and something whose work A permit is also not considered a tool whose purpose is to prohibit (as in the Mishnav in the name of the Maga).

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 6548 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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