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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

In a state of mind control war like in our time, can women join the fighting


Sources: A woman has no way to wage war, Kiddoshin 2, 2, see Shinoch Targ, and M.M. in a war, a mitzvah goes away, deviates from the Hebrew Bible, and the interpretations, i.e. to have enough water and food, see Radbaz 16 of Kings 14, And I. in the rest of the latter in the key verse there, and in our judgments that in today's army it is known that the participation of women there is to be killed and not to go as the Hazua ruled in Halacha and the other rulers agreed with him, and it is not at all clear that men are exempt from this rule, and a woman who goes to the army should know that she assumes Her entire spiritual future is at stake.

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