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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A person who has an acute and contagious flu is he allowed to pray in public in the synagogue in a way that puts the entire public at risk of contracting the disease

I do not come within the scope of medicine because I am not well versed in the field, but for the very thing being condemned if it is a patient with a serious illness who is agreed upon by all the experts that in the condition he is in he puts those present in real and imminent danger of contracting the disease, therefore he must not be in a place where he infects them, and as he wrote in the book Chassidim (C. Tareg) You shall not put an obstacle before a blind person (Leviticus 19:19), that a person who is afflicted with boils should not bathe with another Jew, but they will inform us that it is said (ibid. 18) and it is written (ibid. 16) 20, and Yaoi' in the case that is more similar to our case in the words of writers C. L. of the Greca.

And of course everything depends on the matter, because even the medical people don't tell him (in most cases) to be in complete isolation and not to go buy food for himself and not to go to vacate the throne house where another person will enter after him.

[And the book Hasidim spoke mainly about the very real danger of washing together, even though there is such a danger sometimes even in less than that, as explained in the inscriptions on page 17, I did not eat bai'i, which is from a boa, etc. Yod C. Katz, and there is no room here to extend that the Sages knew that there is danger even in getting any closer to a sick person, and from the Book of Chassidim comes a prohibition mainly for those who infect their friend with a more real and tangible danger such as bathing with their friend].

But they tell him to do according to the medical instructions, such as with a mask or distance or a break from a partition, etc. according to what is accepted in the medical world to act according to the rules of caution when necessary things are needed.

And the doctors don't recognize prayer as necessary, and the doctor doesn't care if the patient doesn't pray at all, of course, they shouldn't treat prayer the way they treat it, nor the thoughts of your thoughts, because prayer in public is just as necessary as other necessary things, and therefore one should do as the case may be Such as wearing a mask or praying in a nearby room subject to what they would say to do in another necessary need (depending on the matter), and one must act subject to a medical investigation of the actual situation and then ask a wise question.

And in the event that the doctor says that even in a similar and other necessary need one must not go to a public place with coverings and hijabs, and this is agreed upon by all doctors and medicine that there is a real danger in this (and not just fences and caveats who decided in their opinion that this is a personal matter, what is the definition of caveats that are accepted in the world of medicine in matters of Halacha), There is no such thing as a Jew who is forbidden to come to prayer in public, and in any case it is not appropriate to argue about it, for just as it is a commandment to say something that is heard, so it is a commandment not to say anything that is not heard, and even if it is in your power to remove him from the synagogue, he will go to another synagogue, and you have only gained a Jew's face whitened because of you, and also You bought yourself a new hater without money, but what did you gain from it, you should have quietly moved to another synagogue if you really care about it, and of course the one who knows how to prove it can tell us in Sana'a and in a soft language that it is better for him to stay at home and that this is God's will for him at the moment, and all according to the matter .

And from the point of view of proper and proper caution, even if there is an unclear fear that others will be infected by it, it is proper to stay away and be careful as explained in many places , Rama Yud C. Katz SA], and I have seen several times people of action who did not feel good and made sure to wear a mask even long after this leadership had passed from the world from the general public and it was not according to their honor to behave like that mm put their honor for the sake of the common good .

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 6532 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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