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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A public emissary who prays in Shtiblach and he usually does not say a supplication in the offering, can he continue as he usually does and immediately say to start Kaddish

Since the custom of not saying Tahanon in the offering is a custom that is not clear from Halacha, what its origin is, and if it has a custom from Halacha, and it is based mainly on communities abroad who used to pray before sunset and would finish after sunset, (cf. Sefer Devri Torah Talitai, p. Tag et al. What kind of right teaching is far from this, and it should be noted that the Mishnab, who believed that in offering between the suns there is no need to fear danger, certainly did not consider that there is any side to rule in every offering, even a offering that is close to sunset), therefore one should not add to doing so against public custom whenever there is a public that practices Other.

It should also be noted that in Stivlech, where it was customary for everyone to pray according to their formula, like the Itzkovitz Synagogue, they never used to disrupt the order of prayer based on unusual customs, therefore even if the Ashkenazi formula in a Sephardic minin and vice versa is not considered a change in such a place, but the cancellation of a prayer is definitely considered a change from the local custom even in such a place .

לגבי הש"ץ עצמו איני נכנס לנידון אם יש מקור למנהג זה או לא, אבל באופן כללי יש הוראה של פוסקי זמנינו שספרדי שמתפלל אצל אשכנזים (שאינו נוהג ליפול על פניו) יכול לנהוג כמנהגו שכן בזמן שהקהל נופלים על פניהם אינם רואים מה הוא עושה, ולכן גם בנידון דידן (על הצד שיש מקום למנהג זה) יכול לומר הפסוקים בזמן זה בלי נפל"א ובזה לא יעבור על לא תתגודדו.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5850 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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