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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A slight smell of a cow barn that floats in the room from the nearby barn and does not disturb and is noticeable at all does this prohibit saying holy things

It should be made easier.

The smell of cow excrement is not considered a bad smell on its own (just as human excrement is considered a bad smell on its own even without a bad smell, and I. in my answer to MKT 2402) unless it has a bad smell, as explained in Shua C. et al. And the lesson is that all the way of human beings is to get rid of the smell (Kashm of the Maga and the Mashnab there in the name of the Kashm).

But in the matter of an animal pen, the Mishnab took section 7 of the SKACH in the name of the 11th according to the Shu'a's Law, where a coop of chickens was condemned as a bad smell, which is also an animal pen.

But in the explanation, the halakhah there extended to the confusion about this law in the name of the קצשעה.

And in fact he adopted the interpretation of the halakhic rule that there is a fear of littering in a cattle barn than garbage that is considered to have a bad smell until it is inspected.

And he also wrote that if there is a bad smell in it, which is a way for people to feel sorry for the smell, it is absolutely forbidden, but if the excrement is removed from the barn and the walls are checked that there is no excrement, it is allowed to do Kash there.
(And it turns out there is still a faint smell and yet since it is turned away and there is no smell that is allowed through human beings to be sorry)
Therefore, in the NID that has a faint smell, it should not be prohibited even though when you get closer, you will smell a smell that people regret.

And one must also add to this the opinions that a bad smell that does not have a beneficial effect is a cessation of permission, and in the above answer 2402 I wrote that it is easier than Nidd to allow a faint smell that is not noticeable in another permission, even if the source of the smell is from sewage, I.S., and K.S. that it is not considered as a human excrement, there are judges who have ruled it out completely, as well as bringing a more severe interpretation of the Halacha, but it has not become as severe as the HIA, but only that it is a state of possession of garbage and the like.

And there are those who have claimed that the fence of the human way of regretting the smell is the type of smell, since the type of smell is a smell that interferes with complete avoidance, but in fact it is explained in the rulings, dishing out dishes in animal excrement, which is allowed even though the concentration that the human way of regretting is prohibited, and as above in the words of the interpretation of the Halacha, And so, in our case as well, although it is forbidden in the near future, but in the distance there is no way to regret it [and there is a legal ruling from the place that smells] it is allowed, and even if it is to be rejected that after a body of excrement has been created here that there is a way to regret it again, all the smell coming from it is like human excrement mm It's too urgent to make it worse like that and above I also eased the sewage source just like above.

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