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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A little one who ate with three big ones, does the little one owe a summons from the state of education

They did not fix the charge of summoning a minor at all [even though he can summon if he wishes and performs a mitzvah], and in the case of the Sephardi who practice as the author of the originals.

Sources: The Garchak in response (Dula and Mishka on C. Katsav) that they did not amend the summons in a small way.

However, the author of S.S. states that a minor who knows who is being blessed even when he has not reached the 13th joins, apparently this law only belongs if he is obligated, and I. Hiovah, and that only a Bar Hiovah joins, according to the author of the CEL that a small person who knows to whom he blesses will be bound by the summons, and who with regard to vegetable food is a tzino that he has taken that is not obligated and joins, and from M.M. it is necessary to divide between the one who is worthy to pledge and the one who is not worthy as a matter that we cite by taking out in Kiddush For those who do not know that it is appropriate to commit, he spends even when he is no longer committed.

And it should be noted for the sake of opinion how many firsts have not been ruled out in the Halacha that women are obliged to invite even when they eat by themselves and AZ Kai MS in the Gm Ma 2 that women invite for themselves, and it is not mentioned about little ones, so Psheita that little ones are not obligated according to this din that women invite Meiri in small ones, as will be explained next, in any case there is no law to oblige small ones, since there is no special law to oblige women who eat with people more than they eat on their own, and the law that women are obligated to invite by themselves is not said about small ones, Duffy for the request that women invite the permission of the Mishnab Ketzet 16, on behalf of the Mamar, chose that little ones are not, according to the opinion of the KSM in Baruchot 55 17, and this is what his language also means in Shua Ketzet 6, that only women invite themselves as well as slaves to themselves and not small ones, and this is the same as the sharers brought by the illuminer in Baruchot Mz 2 .

However, in the opinion of the Mishnab and his assistant, it was found that this law that women order for themselves as mentioned in the Gm' is not meant for minors at all and in any case you are the first, surely there is no obligation for minors and according to their method it is acceptable to them.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 3714 והקישור הישיר של התשובה הוא:

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