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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

A potato kugel that was baked in a pan in the oven and there was meat fat spilled on the floor of the oven, do you have to wait six hours after eating the kugel to eat dairy foods

It seems that there is no need.

Sources: Yaoi' in the Shachak in C. Pet that a cauldron in which to cook meat that is not drained in which he cooked non-meat food is to wait 6 hours after eating it, and it is true that the PMG upholds the Shachach's words, and the rest of the latter as the Beit Meir and Well well disagreed with him, And it also seems to be inclined to this in Hai' HaGra'a there, and also the opener of the Tshuva that exists in the words of the Shach interprets it only in such a way that there are sixes against the dirtiness of the meat, but what is agreed upon by the passims is that since the waiting six hours after a stew of meat is reasonable Len to the main point that it is not a liability from this law where the food is considered meat only because of its rawness, there is no need to wait 6 hours.

And here is the matter of a dish that was baked in the oven with meat from Kilan for the main part of the law that is not considered meat in the C. Take it, and therefore Efi' in the place where the oven was closed from a large loss (and only something that is reasonable to allow from the main part of the law from a large amount when there is no large loss according to the Resh Torat Hatat) ), and when a dish is baked with meat fat, aka akf, with the fat of the meat at the bottom and the stew at the top, in which case there is no fear that the fat will drip into the stew, Yaoi' in Shekh C. 16 Skav.

And the Shek Shek, the Shek Shek, that if a zeb from the fat is pressed out, it is forbidden in any matter, I do not light it in such a way that the stew is cooked in a separate pan on top of the fat.

(And since Dathan, according to the Shachak, what was discussed there, why does Rabbi Rama not add an additional doubt to what may not be eaten with milk, 14000, apparently it should be said that when a portion of meat is made, it is forbidden to eat it salted, and in any case, no additional doubt should be added here) .

So for our purposes the stew was on top and the fat of the meat was on the bottom and they did not touch each other and were baked in the oven together. It is not aggravating to wait six hours after eating this stew, since by waiting six hours after a stew of meat from Kilinan, what is not considered a stew of meat from the main point of the law to wait six hours.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 5471

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