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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

An Arab married to a Jew must give them charity

The arbitrators differed on the law of the poor of the poor of Israel with the poor of Israel, whether he is only when he comes to ask for charity together with the poor of Israel, or also in the case of the poor who comes on his own, and in fact everything depends on the matter, if according to the situation the poor accuse him of what he does not give him charity, For example, in the event that the Jewish woman has a relative who is known to be a charitable person who does not give charity to this relative, and accuses him of immorality, he must provide for her as much as possible, and on the other hand, if he has a way to avoid this without provoking a quarrel, he must avoid it.

According to the regulation, you can give them a charitable gift right when they come to make a living with Israel or when there is a need for it.

And to the point of the matter, what is the judgment of a captive baby, whether its judgment is the same as Israel or not, it is known that the Grisha made it stricter, while the Chazoa eased it, but the Chazoa Barish also told Yod 20 that it should be decided in each case on its own merits, and in the manner that the Jewish woman married the Akoum which is a basic prohibition that even the shallow ones avoid, and it is known as a kick to all the sanctities of Israel, it turns out that there is no law as a baby who was taken captive when it reached this level, and yet it is to be feared that there is no law as a baby who is taken captive, therefore it should not be considered as Israel in the matter of giving charity, but only because of you, there is a law called Dampenresin, etc. ' One should give for the sake of her gentile husband peaceable ways when it is necessary.

(And it must be discussed whether you will buy ways of peace in the Moshomed like the ACP Gentiles in our time who do not understand true ways, as the Chazoa taught that there is no one who descends and no one who ascends in the Moshomed since he will not understand our way, but here there is an AKP of peaceable ways on the part of the Gentiles).

Sources: See Derech Emunah, the Lord's gifts to the poor PZ 17 17 Sqmd and what he mentioned there and in his decision according to Hari Korkos, and also Iash in PA Sqn3, and there in Pz 6 Sqm 20 That the Darbanan rule is that it is permissible to take out a tzadaka from the above mentioned so that there is no enmity, and above in my words in the answer related to this 1665.

מק"ט התשובה הוא: 4606

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