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Rabbi Akiva Moshe Silver

How long after a night's sleep can you still have a morning meal?

At that time, the person eats enough to avoid starvation.

Here is Yaoi in the Tosho'a who divided the law of eating at dawn with two signs, the law of eating a morning meal that cures the disease he drank in S. Kenez for the purpose of eating before he goes to his studies, and the rule of a meal that he eats before midnight and all the details of the laws in that he drank in S. Kenez another who was studying and engaged in his craft, and it is explained In this morning meal lesson, there is no definition of eating before midnight, but a different definition.

And here in the same column regarding the issue of the Shacharit meal he brought the words of the Gam' in the Sukkah 21a as deteim Bar Bi Rav and Eyal for the bride, and Yayoi in Rashi on the Gam' there he wrote as deteim Bar Bi Rav and Eyal for the bride in the morning, when he was getting ready for the beit midrash, and makes sure that the rumors don't continue, and tastes His mouth is full and he drinks a lot, and it is explained by this that the definition of what is explained there is one who eats early so that he does not starve.

And it is made clear from the words of the column that if he does not do as the aforementioned rabbi did, but rather starves himself and waits for the sixth hour of the 18th meal, he will not observe a morning meal.

And it should also be noted in this that the Davgm, B.C. Tsev Miyiti, called for the matter of a morning meal, that they neither hunger nor thirst, nor do you who eat a meal of morning be saved from these plagues. Because of the cold, I said to the people that they should speak eloquently and not to the Gebra Damtsafra, Volume Dakhtiv, that they will neither hunger nor thirst, nor will they eat all day and night.

And at the end of the words, it should be noted that it means that only humans do not eat the morning meal, while in Passover 12 it is explained that only humans eat at four hours of the day, and according to our words, the language of the morning is a different matter and as the Sunnah.

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